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Amazon Fba Distribution

Currently, We are accepting clients for our distribution company Arrow distribution for Amazon clients. This is a completely done-for-you service. We find the products for you, sell them to you at cost, we just take a monthly profit and a one time fee.
However – you get one month with us for FREE. Whatever you make, you get to keep. You will only pay if you want to continue.
There are 10 spots open and the requirements are must be able to spend 10k per month. One person CAN NOT spend more than 30k per month.
Monthly returns are roughly 15% ROI after we take our fee. So If you spend $10,000 you would make roughly $1500 plus your original $10,000 back.

Mentorship Offers

Limited Offers

Offered once every quater, join the waitlist

Art of Amazon Enrollment

Learn to sell on amazon profitable with a 12 week course - offered once per quarter to 10 people. First come first serve. Learn how to sell name brand products on amazon with me, someone who has sold 9+ million dollars, I've made alot of money but lost money in the process and this is set up to cut the learning curve down by 90% while having me hold your hand the entire way.

✔️ 12-hour course
✔️ 1 Livestream per week
✔️ Direct Access to me 


Who Is Kris McCauley?

Just a human obsessed with humans.

Hey, I'm Kris

I’m an entrepreneur with a background in Amazon FBA

I’ve collectively sold over 9 million dollars

My goal is to help youbreak the traditional relationship between time and money so that you can focus more on your passions and adding value to the world.

As a teacher, I’ve taught collectively over 1000 students how to sell on Amazon and how to create other income streams.

Work Less. Earn More. Enjoy Life.
I dive deep into human potential, lifestyle design, and one-person businesses to give you a unique, digestible way of improving your life.

Hey, I'm Kris

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